2-Day Cabinets

Needing to get a job done fast? With our local connections, we can offer cabinets ready to be picked up in 2-days! Choose from 5 different colors and door styles from our Southeast Kitchen Distributors. Give us a call at Available Cabinets and we can talk about the particulars of the job and offer a price based on:

  • The color chosen
  • The door style
  • What size cabinets are needed and how many
  • Etc.

Once we have all the details in order, Available Cabinets will enter your order and have your cabinets available at our Fort Pierce, Florida location ready for pick up in 2 days.
The cabinets come in a box ready to assemble. Once they are at the Available Cabinets location you can choose to pick them up or have our team assemble and deliver them to your location.
Give us a call today to get started with your cabinet project. Think about how close you are to getting those cabinets already!

Contact us today to get started