Largest Variety of RTA Cabinets on the Treasure Coast

Largest Variety of RTA Cabinets on the Treasure Coast

Typical 10 X 10 Pricing

All of the styles priced below are available for pickup from our Fort Pierce warehouse in 3 days. You can also browse our other distributors to find additional door styles and colors.

3-Day Availability

Premiere Oak


Spice Birch


Harvest Birch


City Shaker Espresso


Dove White Shaker


Cove Espresso


Provincial Autumn


**Prices vary based on kitchen size, shape, and needs. Prices shown are for a typical 10 X 10 kitchen with tax excluded. To get an accurate estimate for your project, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Our cabinets come ready to assemble at our Fort Pierce warehouse.

Want us to assemble them for you?

Assembly at our Warehouse

Looking for a done for you service? We assemble the cabinets forĀ  our customers for only $30 a box. A box includes ready to assemble cabinets. This means that certain items such as toe kick, refrigerator panels, etc. are not charged an assembly fee.

The above 10 X 10 example has a total of 11 boxes to complete the order. This puts the assembly for the above typical 10 X 10 kitchen at:

11 Boxes X $30 per box = $330 Assembled

Cabinet Installation by Smith Homes, Inc.

For those looking for a completely done for you service, Available Cabinets offers cabinet installation in conjunction with Smith Homes, Inc. To get an estimate to install your cabinets, contact us today.

Our Cabinet Installation Partner

"Our home remodeling service, with an emphasis on custom kitchen design is a perfect way to turn the most used room in your home into an efficient, warm gathering place for family and friends. Because of our passion to deliver quality materials and products, we have partnered with Available Cabinets, who supplies the best all wood cabinetry for the lowest price"

Additional Distributors

Click any of the boxes below to visit the distributor website and browse their cabinet styles and colors.